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Portable Bluetooth speakers still rock, but they definitely aren’t in vogue like they were a few years ago. That doesn’t mean they’re stepping aside, though. As fun as it is to ask a smart speaker to play your favorite track, offbeat band names and track titles can still trip them up. They also rely on home Wi-Fi, and often lack batteries or features like waterproofing. For the past year, I’ve tested more than 30 different Bluetooth-capable speakers, and researched dozens more online—these are still some of the best devices I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. Now we introduce you 5 best extra bass portable speaker :

1. UE-Boom 3

There are bigger and badder Bluetooth speakers, but none match the fun and convenience of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 (9/10, WIRED Recommends). It puts out some of the most pleasant, balanced sound for its size. The waterproof cylinder comes in multiple colors, can last 15 hours between charges, and gives you 100 feet of Bluetooth range. On top of all that, it has a two-year warranty. If you really need to get a party kicking, the Megaboom 3 is a beefier model that amps up the bass.

2. UE-Wonderboom

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a WIRED Gear of the Year award winner, and that’s because it’s the best pool companion you can have. The 4-inch little ball of joy is more than waterproof: It floats, and pumps out surprisingly potent 360-degree audio while doing it. UE says it’s drop tested for up to 5 feet, but you can honestly play some light catch with it on the lawn and it won’t be any worse for wear. Just wash it off when you’re done!

3. Denon Envaya (3 Sizes)

Denon’s three Envaya speakers don’t look all that special… until you pair them. I can’t get enough of the largest model, the $200 8-inch DSB-250BT, and from what I’ve read, the other two models ($99 and $149) sound excellent for their size, too. The Envaya’s volume doesn’t get extraordinarily loud, but it doesn’t distort. The audio clarity and range bring a playlist to life more than any bargain speaker I’ve heard, thanks to an onboard amplifier. Every model is IP67 waterproof, can pair with another Envaya speaker, and gets between 10 and 12 hours on a charge. The rubber edges have also withstood a couple tumbles already. My only complaint is the lack of a Play/Pause button, though the mic and ability to take calls almost makes up for it.

4. Riva Concert Smart Speaker

The Riva Concert sounds excellent—almost as good as a Sonos One—and it comes with tons of extra features. It has an app like Sonos that lets you connect multiple Rivas together, multi-room style, but that’s just the start. It has Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, an aux 3.5mm connector (headphone cables), and a USB-A port so you can directly listen to audio if you have actual files to play. It doesn’t have a battery out of the box, but Riva sells a special battery Power Pack for $59 that gives the Concert 20 hours of battery life. Just flip the switch to portable mode and off you go.

5. LG Xboom Go PK5

The LG PK5 is a great speaker for outdoor or backyard events. It looks a little odd, but the beat-driven party lights are a blast if you’re in the mood. It’s also splashproof and puts out fantastic forward-firing sound with a decent kick of bass, thanks to some tuning by Meridian Audio. The 18 hours of battery is impressive, though it will take nearly four hours to charge it fully—plan ahead. If you’re looking for a little more power, the LG PK7 is a good substitute.

6. JBL Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

JBL’s Boombox is comically huge for a Bluetooth speaker, but think of it as the modern equivalent of a 1980s boombox, complete with a handle and some intense bass. Breakdancers from back then would have killed for a speaker that was completely waterproof and had 24 hours of battery life. The Boombox can also connect to a multiple smartphones at a time, so you don’t have to DJ by your lonesome. With a 20,000mAh battery onboard, it can also charge your gadgets for days.

7. Sony GTKXB60/B High Power Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Extra bass for Deep, punchy sound
    Rechargeable battery for up to 14 hours of Wireless playback (can also be plugged in)
    Party lights bring a club-style atmosphere
    Sony | music center app control sound and light effects
    Wireless freedom with BLUETOOTH technology and NFC. Power Consumption (in Standby) : 0.5W (in Echo Standby mode)
    Fiestable app add more fun DJ effects, samplers and lighting effects. Mic input lets you be the voice of the party
    In the box: AC Cord, Operating Instructions, Instruction Manual (US, FR, ES), Quick Set up Guide (Music Center Flyer), Warranty Card
    Dimensions: 10.4”W x 21.7”H x 10.7”D

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